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Thank You!

Three weeks ago, I reached a major milestone, graduating from culinary school with the highest academic distinction, the Top Toque. Since that day, I haven't had much time to myself, with working 7 days a week (one full-time job, one full-time "culinary internship", and a part-time job), planning a wedding, and preparing to move back to Chicago in a few months, but I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for everyone whose encouragement has pushed me to this point. Whether I know you in real life or you belong to my "Digital Village", your feedback, comments, like and shares on this page (and in person) have meant a great deal to me, Thank you all for the love and unending support. It has not gone unnoticed! I hope I will continue to make you proud and can't wait to share more of my journey with you all.

Peace and love,



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