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Easy Holiday Appetizers - Twice Baked Potatoes

Its officially the holiday season, which means get-togethers, potlucks, and dinner parties! When I went to visit my family for Thanksgiving dinner, I knew I would much rather play catch up over some cocktails than spend all day in the kitchen, so I decided to make twice baked potatoes as an easy, mostly hands off appetizer. If you're looking for an easy contribution to your next holiday kick back, check out the recipe below:

Twice Baked Potatoes

(Yield: 8 Servings)

8 Idaho Potatoes

2 oz Parmesan cheese, grated

6 fl oz heavy cream, hot

4 egg yolk

salt and pepper to taste

4 ounces butter, softened

fresh chives or scallions, minced

Bacon, cubed and sauteed until crisp


1. Wash potatoes and pierce with a fork

2. Bake in 425 degree oven for 50 minutes or until very tender

3. Remove from oven and allow to cool

4. Remove the top 1/3rd of the potatoes by slicing them lengthwise. Scoop out the potato pulp, but be sure to leave some pulp inside the potato shell to serve as a support for the filling

5. Use a potato ricer or masher to mash potatoes while still very hot. Mix with butter, salt and pepper.

6. Incorporate the egg yolk and hot heavy cream, mixing until smooth

7. Spoon the potato mixture into the scooped out shell

8. Sprinkle the potatoes with cheese. Return to the oven and bake until they are heated through and lightly browned on top.

9. Finish by sprinkling with bacon bits and fresh chives

*For an even more hands off procedure, mix cheese, bacon, and chives in with butter salt and pepper.

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