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Italy Recap Pt. 2 - in Pictures

After lots of sightseeing and eating gelato at Giolitti (Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40), one of the oldest gelaterias in Rome, we ate dinner at La Quercia (Piazza della Quercia, 23), a small, traditional Roman restaurant with great food and a charming setting.

Ai 3 pepe filetto at La Quercia

Fresh blueberry Panna Cotta at La Quercia

Our trip to Florence

Following our friends' beautiful wedding in the one of most gorgeous settings I've ever seen (!), we took a group excursion to the 400 year old Castello del Trebbio, where we were given an education in all things Tuscan food and wine.

Here's Nubia making fresh pasta at Castello del Trebbio in Tuscany.

And on our final day in Rome...

As the resident cook, no trip would be complete without checking out the local grocery store in Rome.

My favorite find? € 0.59 beer!

Thanks for reading!

- Brian

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